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Leagues: 75
Unique Coaches: 370
Seasons Completed: 51
Matches Played: 4429


This website is a hobby I have used to learn web development. It is designed to host draft leagues for Pokemon, automating most of the functions of managing a draft league. Site artwork credit to AmirAlexander and GarrickTheBruce unless otherwise specified.


Video tutorials can be found on the site's youtube channel here!

Support Me

This website is and always will be free to use. However, it does cost me about $20 a month for hosting costs. So if you like the site and would like to support my work, you can buy me a coffee!


-claduva (Lead Developer, Site Owner)
-AmirAlexander (Graphic Design)
-GarrickTheBruce (Graphic Design)


This website is developed by claduva. Pokémon is owned by Nintendo and GameFreak. The used sprites are intended for educational and entertainment purposes, the art of battling. The Pokémon sprites which are used are from a Pokémon game, or substantially derived from one and are being used according to fair use. The source code for this website can be found at and may be reused with appropriate crediting.